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    Alice in Wonderland’s forest

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  4. They swore an oath which none shall break, and none should take, by the name even of Ilúvatar, calling the Everlasting Dark upon them if they kept it not.

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    Photographer : Jimmy Nelson (Kazakhs, nomadic people of western Mongolia)

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    Tree Tunnel Stole my Melancholy ii (10)

    ©buron - August ‘14

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  8. Anonymous said: Hi there, Can you please help. Im looking for a herb/herbs that will help open up communication and heart of a desired one. I understand all about free will and will not a want to make someone love me. However. Me and this person do have a connection (unspoken)..but it feels as though he is running from me. More so running from how he feels for me. Deep down im not sure if his ready for a commitment, I would love for him to stop running, & come to me, tell me his true feelings. Thanks so much


    Of course, you can not mess with free will.  I have a mojo bag spell that may help you.  If this person is meant for you then it should work.  Here is what you should do:

    Love Mojo Bag:

    On Dawn/Monday/Thursday/Friday/first hour after sunrise on Monday, Wednesday or Friday/first hour after sunset on Monday/Thursday/Saturday/Waxing Year/New Moon/ Waxing Moon/ Full Moon/ Summer/April/ May/June/ October/Taurus/Libra/Capricorn (The Full Moon Being in one of these signs.).  

    Do this at the best time for you.  You will need to fashion your bag from green fabric, sew it with pink thread, and use a silver cord for it’s drawstring. Into it you place three sugar cubes, three cowry shells„ three vanilla beans, three rosehips, and dried lavender or rose petals.  

    Light a pink-rose scented candle and three vanilla incense sticks.  Raise power, cast a circle, call the quarters.  Within it, you close the bag firmly tying seven knots into it’s drawstring.  You anoint the bag with seven drops of rose oil, and pass through the incense and then candle smoke.  As you do that, you focus on the exact type of love you want to attract, and repeat this incantation seven times:

    Honey, sugar, vanilla, mead

    Let this charm bring what I need.  

    Now invoke the Goddess Venus.  Speak to her sincerely, tell her what is in your heart and ask her to empower your bag.  Thank her.  Release the quarters and take down the circle.  Keep the bag close to you squeezing it throughout the day. For the next few months until you meet that special person.  Once this happens, again thank Venus and bury the bag. 

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    Cate Blanchett for Elle Canada (2014)

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    black and white blog

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