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    Japan hotel and temple join forces to offer gay and lesbian weddings

    Draped in wedding kimonos, standing in a Zen temple built in the 1590s, gay and lesbian couples have a new option for a commitment ceremony in Japan

    According to the deputy head priest at Shunkoin Temple, Japanese buddhism doesn’t have anything against homosexuality (source: Mainichi Shimbun(in Japanese))  - cool :)

    More Details at:
    Japan National Tourism Organization

    that photo is so beautiful i just sighed out loud

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    De la serie Panteón de Mezquitán, Jesús ha perdido la cabeza…

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  3. "


    Evoe! Evoe Ho! Iacche! Iacche!

    Hail, O Dionysys! Hail!
    Wingèd son of Semele!
    Hail, O Hail! The stars are pale.
    Hidden the moonlight in the vale;
    Hidden the sunlight in the sea.

    Blessed is her happy lot
    Who beholdeth God; who moves
    Mighty-souled without a spot,
    Mingling in the godly rout
    Of the many mystic loves.

    Holy maidens, duly weave
    Dances for the mighty mother!
    Bacchanal to Bacchus cleave!
    Wave his narthex wand, and leave
    Earthy joys to earth to smother!

    Io! Evoe! Sisters,mingle
    In the choir, the dance, the revel!
    He divine, the Spirit single,
    He in every vein shall tingle.
    Sense and sorrow to the devil!

    Mingle in the laughing measure,
    Hand and lip to breast and thigh!
    In enthusiastic pleasure
    Grasp the solitary treasure!
    Laughs the untiring ecstasy!

    Sisters! Sisters! Raise your voices
    In the inspired divine delight!
    Now the sun sets; now the choice is
    Who rebels or who rejoices,
    Murmuring to the mystic night.

    Io! Evoe! Circle splendid!
    Dance, ye maids serene and subtle!
    Clotho’s task is fairly ended.
    Atropos, thy power is rended!
    Ho, Lachesis! ply thy shuttle!

    Weave the human dance together
    With the life of rocks and trees!
    Let the blue delirious weather
    Bind all spirits in one tether,
    Overwhelming ecstasies!

    Io Evoe! I faint, I fall,
    Swoon in purple light; the grape
    Drowns my spirit in its thrall.
    Love me, love me over all,
    Spirit in the spirit shape!

    All is one! I murmur. Distant
    Sounds the shout, Evoe, Evoe!
    Evoe, Iacche! Soft, insistent
    Like to echo’s voice persistent:—
    Hail! Agave! Autonoe!

    — excerpt from “Orpheus: A Lyrical Legend,” Aleister Crowley, 1905

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    De la serie Panteón de Mezquitán.

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    "Magiverte" - Self - (c) Ysambre Fauntography 2014

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    my last word will probably be either “whoops” or “shit”

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